Thursday, November 25, 2010

'ക്രൈം' ചീഫ്‌ എഡിറ്റര്‍ സിബിഐ ക്ക്‌ അയച്ച കത്ത്‌

Under Certificate of Posting
T. P. Nandakumar
Chief Editor
Crime fortnightly
Puthiyara Road, Calicut-4.
The Superintendent of Police
Central Bureau of Investigation
CBI Office, Shasthri Bhavan,
Sub: Enquiry in to the SNC Lavalin case
Ref: My letter dated 4- 8- 09-regarding.
Dear Sir,
It is a reminder for my letter (registered and ordinary letter) dated 04-08-2009
I am the Chief Editor of Crime Fortnightly, an investigative magazine published from Calicut. I want to bring to your notice the writ petition that I had filed in the High Court of Kerala, following which the honourable court had declared a CBI enquiry into the 374.5 crore rupees SNC Lavalin scam. In accordance with my writ petition, the High Court had directed the CBI to complete the enquiry into this case within a period of 10 months, following which the CBI submitted its final report in the special CBI court in Ernakulam.
At that point in time I had collected a certified copy of the charge sheet filed in the case from the court. I had held consultations with many leading advocates regarding the charge sheet and many of them had advised me that the charge sheet has many loop holes and it may eventually help the accused in the case, which is why I am writing this letter to you to bring certain issues to your attention.
The CBI has not yet enquired the bribe money transaction between the accused including Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. An enquiry has not been initiated against Mr. Dileep Rahulan and Mr Nazar, who are the mediators in this unlawful transaction, who have also signed the agreement as witnesses. As per my knowledge, these people are the main accused in this case who collected the bribe money from SNC Lavalin company and shared it with the co-accused including Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan.
I want to bring to your notice that Crime fortnightly had exposed the 375 crore SNC Lavalin scam in its past editions. Subsequent to that expose, some goons of Pinarayi Vijayan who is the seventh accused in this case, attacked my office and burnt many of our documents most of which was very confidential ones pertaining to this case. Many documents that proved the exact transaction deal (i.e the bribe money that was paid to Pinarayi Vijayan and some of the politburo members of the CPM) were unfortunately lost in the incident. However, I remember the contents of our investigation and I have some valuable information about which I would like to draw your attention:
1. Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan had made more than 100 visits to Singapore and Dubai secretly for the transaction of bribery money and for his other business deals (most of which is illicit). You can get a clear picture of the travel details if you go through the passport details of Pinarayi Vijayan between 1996 and 2009. I have information that Vijayan has two passports, a Kochi based one and the other based out of Chennai. I also have information about Vijayan surrendering one of his passports as soon as the CBI investigation against him started.
2. Mr. Dileep Rahulan and Mr. Nazar worked as mediators in the SNC Lavalin deal. In accordance with the mutual understanding between Rahulan, Nazar and Pinarayi Vijayan, the then Electricity Minister of Kerala agreed to sign the unlawful agreement with SNC Lavlin company without inviting any global tenders. The deal took place without a proper consent from the then government or the KSEB. What more, a feasibility study was not even conducted and the agreement was signed flouting all existing rules and practices. According to the agreement entered in to between the said Parties, SNC Lavalin had paid the margin money and commission to Dileep Rahulan on behalf of Pinarayi Vijayan. Dileep in turn paid the amount to Pinarayi and some others in return for the commission that was promised to him by Pinarayi.
3. Mr. Dileep Rahulan had paid 8 crores of Indian currency to Pinarayi Vijayan (for CPI(M)) through Mr. Nazar. I also have information that Nazar had paid this money back to Pinarayi Vijayan and Vijayan had stored this money in AKG Centre Trivandrum for several days. This money was also used for the renovation of AKG centre and for the construction of some new flats near AKG centre for the Secretariat members of the CPM. Some of the money was also channeled to the Party-run Kairali news channel.
4. Most of the building contractors who were involved with the renovation work had collected black money. Accepting the request from some of the contractors Pinarayi Vijayan had deposited some money in banks as donations from various names of various persons, in different dates. Likewise cheques were given to the parties.
5. Dileep Rahulan had paid a huge amount to Pinarayi Vijayan at various locations including Kannur in Kerala. He had used various NRI bank accounts to withdraw money. For instance; he had used the bank account of Beena Abraham, who is Dileep Rahulan’s girl friend. They were classmates and are now working together in Dubai.
6. Crores of rupees were transferred to New Delhi and was paid to some PB Members of the CPM. I have information that Mr. Harikishan Surjeeth’s son was also paid money. Some bit of the money was again transferred to Kairali Channel’s bank account in Parliament House.
7. Mr. John Brittas who is the present MD of Kairali Channel also has links in this scam. That is how he became the MD of the channel from a reporter’s post within such a short span of time. John Brittas was a frequent visitor to the office of SNC LAVLIN at Vasanth Kunj in New Delhi between 1996 and 2009.
8. When the CBI enquiry was going on, Brittas had visited various ministerial offices including Prime Minister’s office to sabotage the SNC Lavalin case in a bid to protect Pinarayi Vijayan and the CPM. I have valuable information with me regarding my claims. Britta’s had purchased 4 Flats in New Delhi and acres of property in Palakkad District in Kerala.
9. Pinarayi Vijayan travelled secretly to Singapore and Dubai more than a hundred times. He started a business venture in Singapore under his wife’s name using the kickbacks he had got from the SNC Lavalin deal. He is also partnering with Dileep Rahulan in Dubai for various other ventures.
10. Dileep Rahulan, Nazar and Beena had completed their engineering course at TKM Engineering college in Kollam in Kerala. Dileep Rahulan was in love with Beena at that point in time but Beena’s parents had denied the proposal put forth by Rahulan because of his poor financial background. After the SNC Lavalin agreement, Dileep left India and became a UAE citizen and started a business there in the name of ‘Pacific Controls’ using the SNC Lavalin funds. Beena who then was the mother of a child realized that her ex-boyfriend had become a multimillionaire and she again touched base with him in UAE. She divorced her husband and is currently living with Dileep Rahulan in UAE. His company ‘Pacific Controls’ has branches in 7 countries including Singapore and Australia.
11. During Pinarayi’s visit to Canada between 1996 October and 1997 June, Dileep Rahulan had also accompanied him. Dileep Rahulan and Nazar signed as witnesses in the MOU between the SNC Lavalin company and the Electricity Board for the Malabar Cancer Centre to get a foreign contribution fund of about 98.3 crores of rupees.
12. SNC Lavlin, Canada had collected the fund for Malabar Cancer centre and had transferred it to Dileep Rahulan, instead of paying it directly to Malabar Cancer centre, Thalassery. These illegal transactions were done as per the directives of Pinarayi Vijayan. One part of the payment was sent to Technicalia in Chennai and the balance amount was shared by Pinarayi Vijayan and others. Technicalia had spent 11.88 crores to construct the building of Malabar Cancer Centre. The CBI did not investigate the exact money source and transaction in these deals.
13. Again tenders were not invited for the Malabar Cancer Centre (for the building construction). All this was done with due mutual understanding between Pinarayi Vijayan, Dileep Rahulan and Mr. Sasidharan Nair.
14. Pinarayi Vijayan reconstructed his house at Pinarayi using the SNC Lavalin money.
15. Pinarayi spent about one crore rupees towards the educational expenses of his son Vivek, who is a student in Bermingham University in UK.
16. Dileep Rahulan spent lakhs of rupees to get an engineering college seat for Mr. Rajashekharan’s son in Tamil Nadu, who is also a co-accused in this case.
17. Various Political leaders had visited the offices of Mr. Dileep Rahulan and had stayed as guests in Dubai. Dileep Rahulan has very cordial relations with the Union Government.
18. You will get valuable information when you delve in to another bribery case during the same period which is also connected with Pinarayi Vijayan and Dileep Rahulan. This is with respect to the purchase of electronic metres (which is again a multi million) bribery case.
Sir, I would like to tell you that these are not just here-say allegations but valuable information that I had got during the course of my investigation. If you follow the scientific methods like polygraphic tests, narco analysis, or brain mapping test on Pinarayi Vijayan, Dileep Rahulan, Nazar, Rajashekharan and Beena Abraham, you will be able to get very important information, which will bring out the real truth behind this case.
In the first stage of investigation it self I had provided valuable documents to help the investigating agency. I am therefore sending you new information in the form of this letter hoping that it will provide you many valuable clues that can assist a fruitful enquiry.
I have dedicated many years of my life to bring out the truth in the case, so have you in the last couple of months during your painstaking investigation. I am willing to fully co-operate with you and will feel greatful if at any time I can be of any help to you.
All I want is that the truth behind such a mass case of corruption should come out and stand exposed as this is a swindle of the public money, the tax payers money.
Awaiting your feed back...
Deep Regards
TP Nandakumar